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The Mix Fix was created with real solutions in mind for the challenges we’ve experienced managing events and bars in New York City. Read our story here.

How it all started

Nola Ortiz is the resident industry expert here at The Mix Fix. She has been bartending professionally for the better part of a decade and spent most of that time committed to expanding her education in wine, spirits and the history of cocktails through some of the most reputable courses available (American Sommelier Association, Beverage Alcohol Resource 5-day, etc). New York City has exposed her to work experience with the most frequent and lavish events, and placed her on the cusp of the most up-to-date cocktail trends.

After years of experience in different roles and different styles of service, Nola discovered that she was most interested in working in high volume environments. The extra challenge of working off-site events for various spirit brands and PR companies ultimately led to the concept of The Mix Fix. Cocktail service is such an important component of any successful party but it so often falls short of expectations.

Nola’s idea was to create a solution for cocktails service at one-off events where the drinks can be executed quickly and effortlessly without compromising the consistency or quality of the cocktails. These are all reoccurring issues in the world of professional event management.

Our values

The Mix Fix is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals, committed to making great cocktails accessible to everyone at every social gathering. Ultimately, the bar experience will define the overall success of your event; so, whether it’s an office happy hour to celebrate a new promotion, or an exclusive movie premiere, we want to help your bars run as efficiently as possible.

You can feel at ease knowing that your entire bar program is being handled by industry professionals who have been coordinating successful events for years. We are equipped to handle the unique challenges of any bar scenario with confidence. You’ll have more time to enjoy your party, knowing that all of your guests are satisfied with the best cocktails New York has to offer.

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